Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day 2008 Abortion

Election 2008 is by far the most important presidential election of our time. There are such stark differences between the two candidates, it can be very overwhelming to voters... John McCain (Conservative, Republican) and Barack Obama (Liberal, Democrat). Their policies on energy, economy, taxes and foreign policy are very different. Our duty is to vote and to vote the best man into the white house. One issue that has been down played is Abortion. Sarah Palin is Pro-Life and Barack Obama is Pro-Choice. Life begins at conception, therefore abortion is murder in my eyes. Women do not and should not have the choose to abort their babies. In the exception that the mother's life endangered. We need to end this stain on America's history. If we vote a pro-choice man into office, then he will appoint a supreme court judge to sit on the bench. This appointment is for LIFE. If this judge is pro-choice, abortion will continue and it could be up to 100 years before the laws can be changed! How can we expect America to prosper, win wars against people who HATE America, if we are killing our own... our own innocent babies, who do not have a voice. How could we allow this to happen? What's next... full term babies being destroy too, simple because their parents did not want them? This could happen too. Why not? Anything is possible the more and more Liberal this nation becomes.

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