Saturday, November 29, 2008

AcneFree Experience

I have been using this product for the past two months and it delievers what it promises. My skin has not been this smooth and blemish free since I was a little girl with ribbons in my hair. No serious, this stuff WORKS! It is very similar to Proactiv. I used Proactiv for three months and it did not clear my skin like this product has done. Also, this product is only $20.00 at Wal-mart.
In the box:
Step 1: Cleanse- the product feels slime-like and few granules in it. It does not remove all my makeup, which it evidence on the cotton ball for the toner step. No smell
Step2: Toner- clears away all the dirt on the face, clear liquid, no smell.
Step3: Repairing Lotion-very gritty and lots of granules. dries clear but its not a lotion. It is supposed to be used in the day, but I use it at night, because of the granules.
Step4: Night renewal Lotion- this is to be put on ten minutes after the toner. it is very smooth lotion.
Go try this stuff!!!! CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO VIEW THE VIDEO!!!!!


  1. Hi Nazra! I think your blog and videos are great :)

    I just purchased this kit yesterday hoping to end my trail of moderate but still gross acne. Do you feel that it helped with oiliness too? How soon before you started to see results and what type of moisturizer do you use? I usually skip that part since my face is oily enough :(

    Tia :)

  2. Tia,
    This product will dry you're skin if you use it twice a day. Use the repairing lotion at night when you start to see your face getting dry. I use Marykay Timewise Lotion, but you can use anything.

  3. Hi Nazra,

    I used to use proactive because my late husband bought for me as a gift.. I used it for almost 2 years.. It works but I thought of buying something which cost slightly less and similar to it.. but I didn't try AcneFree until I saw your video recently. After I stopped using Proactive, I had a terrible breakouts or something that am allergic to.. and it broke out only on my left cheek.. and really hard to get rid off.. and left me with very visible blemishes.. Anyway, I tried this product as you recommended, and after using it for 2 days according to the instructions.. My cheeks started to clear up.. and the redness started to reduce, and the blemishes started to lighten too..

    I was impressed!!! and totally happy!!!.. I Thank YOU!!!! for showing it on your video.. I used the severe ones... Thank you very much!!!