Monday, June 21, 2010

Murad Acne Complex

Murad Acne Complex
Recently, I started getting cystic acne on right side of my chin. I read that in your mid-twenties, there are hormonal shifts that takes place and these shifts may cause acne. I thought great! Up to this point, I was using the AcneFree system, but it was not working to clear the acne on my chin. One night, I saw a convincing advertisement for Murad Acne Complex. I freaked out and ordered it right away. It was $39.99 for a month supply (Proactiv is about the same price). My products arrived a week later... so it begins.....

Week 1:  Redness and a mild rash about my jawline.
Week 2: Rash around jawline, dryness/peeling/itchiness on lower half of face. More cystic acne on my chin.
Week 3: Face is clearing up, cystic acne on chin is clearing up :)

I have read so many review stating that Murad did NOT work and it caused more acne. I hope this is not the case for me. I will update on my progress.


Week 4-6: My face is a little clearer, but not completely. I still have a few little breakouts on my chin. Overall, I would NOT use this product again. It's more hype than substance. I think I may try the new Proactiv again.  Let me know if you girls have any questions.

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