Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MAC Colour Ready Collection 2009

In the collection:

Bitter Eyeshadow (Velvet) (dupe: Sharp Eyeshadow from Tempting Quad, Cult of Cherry 2008) $14.50
White Frost Eyeshadow (Frost) (dupe: Phloof! any white sheen type eyeshadow) $14.50
Impassioned Lipstick (Amplified Creme, pink/coral) $14.00
Show Orchid Lipstick (Amplified Creme, very hot pink) $14.00
Penultimate Eyeliner Liner $16.50 (I heard that is was NOT the
Stud Eyebrow Liner $14.50 (I passed, I use my MAC 209 brush and dark edge eyeshadow to fill in brows)
Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder $21.00
Prep & Prime Line Filler $19.50
Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone $19.50
129 Powder Blush Brush $34.00

I did not try any of the Prep & Prime, but the Skin Refined Zone sounds great since I have oily skin. However, I tried and loved the lip colors from this collection. I purchased both Impassioned and Show Orchid. I didn't get a chance to rock Show orchid yet, but I will soon. Show Orchid reminds me of the lip color that Rihanna wore. What ya'll think? Anywoo, It looks great. BabyJanny did this look not too long ago. Shout out to BabyJanny!

Love ya girlies!!!


  1. aww thanks for the shoutout! :) love ya!

    and cant wait to see swatches of the lippies!!

  2. I love bright lipsticks. If you ever get the chance to get Gladiola should grab it. It was from the Dame Edna collection but yeh that's over. It's truly what Rihanna is's SOO PRETTY! They have it on Ebay and I swear you will love it then these It's a matte formula and very unique. I wish it was perm. I also bought my second one off ebay around 20$ish.

  3. Hi Nazra, can you email me please?


  4. I love show orchid!! it look so pretty

  5. Nazra,

    I don't mind if you borrow photos from my site, but next time please credit wher you got the photo and please don't hotlink and use my bandwidth. I have removed the photo from my server.

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